The Merit System

Nyxheim employs a system by which its members earn credit, designated “merit”, based on their activity and involvement within the forum. The amount of merit rewarded varies and is dependant of the action performed.

Methods of Acquiring Merit:

- Creating topics within forums and sub-forums

- Replying to topics within forums and sub-forums

- Gaining friends on one’s profile

- Visiting Nyxheim daily

- Being apart of the Nyxheim hierarchy

Exploitation of the Merit System for personal profit will result in penalty.

Reputation System

Members of Nyxheim possess a reputation based on how others rate their posts within the forum. A member’s reputation may be used to gauge their status among fellow users of Nyxheim and possibly assist in determining whether or not he/she is a apt choice for a specific occupation or project. To vote positively or negatively toward a specific post click the addition or subtraction signs near its top right corner. Members with a negative reputation value will not be capable of casting votes.


Challenges are opportunities presented by which a member of Nyxheim may earn merit for completing a particular task. Information such as the objective of the challenge, the amount of merit awarded for its completion, the time frame in which it must be completed, the number of times an individual member may complete an eligible challenge, and more will be detailed within the Challenges article.

Restricted Material

Content labeled as “Restricted” may only be obtained by a member through an exchange of merit. Below is a list of privileges, both IC and OOC related, that members can purchase using their collected merit. All content is not managed by the same jurisdiction. Titles highlighted in red indicate the priority hierarchal figure a member is required to consult in order to conduct a purchase. Titles highlighted in blue indicate secondary sources a member may resort to should the primary one be unavailable.

In Character Awards





Phoenix -

Thystle -

Angel (Order Of Aria) -

Angel -

Dragon -

Incubus -

Efferii -

Demon -

Wood Elf -

Dark Elf -

Moon Elf -

Fairy -

Gorgon -

Siren -

Vampire -


High Ancient -

Out Of Character Awards

Extra Forum Account -

Extra Chat Box Account -

Purchased material is not refundable. All transactions are final.