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Jeanne Chevalier


Hangedman Society


Kyrian Alkaev; Lucian Dalca; Vallen; Quinn Cory; Jacqueline Chevalier

Open location for storylinesEdit

Though the outward appearance of the place is nearly without distinction from every other jacked-up box of rust on the fringes of Grimrah, Havenhome Complex is a familiar term on the streets. With a catch-all shopfront acting as cover, a group of foreigners keep the doors open - no questions asked - so long as the short list of rules is followed.

  • Don't disturb the pointy-eared one
  • Thieving and narking will get you busted up
  • The third floor is absolutely off limits.

The resources available include a modest clinic, clean beds, and hot food. Monetary compensation isn't necessary, but anyone who means to stay more than a night had best get comfortable with the idea of lending a helping hand with various odd jobs.


The rusted eye-sore on the fringe of the upper-crust, Havenhome Complex is perhaps one of the most unlikely establishments in Grimrah. It was constructed by a foreign development industry looking for a slice of the riches that seem to flow so bountifully in the city, but little understanding of class division was taken into account. Though it was intended to house a handful of the ambitious middle-class it fell well outside the price range of most and well below the taste level of the rest. The building remained abandoned for several years before being purchased by [1]Jeanne's mother, Jacqueline.

With her maiden name signed to the deed, and with sufficient distance between the complex and her husband, Jacqueline made use of the privacy to indulge in various extramarital affairs. After her husband brought it to her attentions - quite casually - that he knew of her antics, the vacations stopped, and the building was again left empty in neglect. A little pair of ears eavesdropped on the exchange long enough to file away the information for a time it might be of use. The potential of the building has yet to be discovered In character, though the details of its future use are mapped out below.

The ShopfrontEdit

Havenhome Apothecary
The main floor acts as an effective cover for the under-ground operations as a safehouse. While the business is officially labeled as an Apothecary, all manner of wondrous and exotic things line the shelves from books to trinkets to supposed spell components and magick items! The whole of the stock fills four large rooms which are accessible to paying customers.

The SafehouseEdit

Havenhome safehouse
The safehouse is actually tucked away at basement level, but it requires access to the second floor - a wide open space for inventory storage - that houses the stairway to the third floor and a hidden staircase to the safehouse level. The basement is 3000 sq feet including a library, two studies, a medical clinic, an open kitchen/ commons, and several private bed and bath nooks.

The UpstairsEdit

Havenhome top floor
The third floor, which is absolutely off limits, houses the private apartments of Jeanne Chevalier, Lucian Dalca, Vallen, Gabrielle, Fenix Tarinrath, and Quinn Cory. It consists of a bedroom belonging to each named person, a nursery playroom, four baths, a kitchen, and a library serving as the commons with an attached study. This also acts as the unofficial base of operations for the members of the Hangedman Society.