Realm Magick

Power Source

A contracted Muse


Realm Magick is dependent on proximity to the territory of the contracted muse, with magick ability decreasing substantially and even entirely relative to the distance traveled from their territory.


This is dependent upon the patron, as some Muses are more active than others in terms of drawing mortals under their influence.

Magick SynopsisEdit

Guardians of the natural world, the Muses of Nyxhiem defend their realms fiercely. Unlike the Daeva, these powerful beings were born with the merging of worlds and owe no allegiance above their faithfulness to the vitality of their realm, and natural life in general. Due to their unwillingness - or perhaps inability - to leave their territory, they often call on the aid of their faithful to carry out their will. The bond between a muse and their chosen servants is more symbiotic than that of priest to Daeva and this means that a mage can call upon the magick power of their muse without the cumbersome prayers and rituals. But where Daeva are all present a Muse is tethered to their physical dominion, such as a forest or stream, and the power slowly wanes as a mage ventures farther from the source.

● For reference... most mages working under the patronage of a muse will begin to notice fall off from their spells the moment they lose sight of that muse's domain. This fall off continues gradually until they find themselves unable to use their given magick at all. At this point, magick types that are common between Realm and Independent Magick may be used with the same stipulations/penalties that apply to Independent Magick.

The family of Realm Magick officially known as Familiar Magick.
Realm Magick
Called 'Rangering', this is the magick that binds.
The use of this magick requires purchase via an amount of activity-awarded points (merit).
Summoning The art of summoning within the realm of Familiar Magicks is most simply the power to call forth those creatures, both magical and otherwise, with which the mage as already formed a bond/contract with. Summoning magick often involves a ritual of some kind, and while this process can be streamlined it can never be made instantaneous. Familiars can be contracted of almost any form and type, but all will fade into the dreaming if wounded or killed.
Binding While most mages of rangering talents can create mutual contracts with various magical and non-magical creatures there are some who wish to compel otherwise uncooperative creatures to aid them. The art of binding allows a mage to forcefully tether a creature to them, allowing them to call on it in the event of some future need.
Sealing While powerful, a familiar remains a creature out of its proper place. It was called forth by magick and through magick it can be returned to where it came from. The art of sealing is a magick that allows a mage to cancel out or seal even those familiars he has not summoned himself. A powerful tool, this ability is not limited to other familiars and, while difficult, can be used to seal anything from spirits to undead.

The family of Realm Magick officially known as Natural Magick.
Green magick
Called 'Green speak', this is the magick of the natural world.
The use of this magick requires purchase via an amount of activity-awarded points (merit).
Creation As keepers of their forest homes masters of natural magick have long since studied the ways of the natural life around them. They have found a balance with these living things and through that balance they learned the secrets of creation, of calling forth life from the forest around them. This power can be used to create new plant growth from the most meager of sources.
Growth Harmony has always been an act of balance, of conservation. Growth magick allows a mage to influence the growth of plants around them, giving them control over such things as speed and direction.
Destruction The mirror of creation, and the far side of the balance with the natural world the art of destruction magick is not something most mages use willingly. But there are times when the order of the forest demands it. This power grants a mage the ability take life from the plants around them, often to be used in some other way.


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