Personal Magick
Personal magick

Power Source

The finite energy of ones own soul


This magic must be moderated lest the soul expire, damning the caster to eternity as a wraith.


It is the most common form of magick as it relies solely on the caster, rather than the forging of bonds and patronage.

Magick SynopsisEdit

For as strong as the Daeva and the Muses are they do not create their own power, merely channel the power present in all life. A mage unbound to any single patron can call upon the energy of their own soul to power their magick. These mages are not bound by distance or hampered by prayer, they can call upon their magick freely, but this freedom comes at great cost. Personal Magick slowly erodes the soul, and when practiced without great moderation it will quickly plunge a mage into madness.

● For reference... The average mage can cast around 5 spells in quick succession or as many as 10 to 20 over the course of a day so long as they are spaced out. While there is no physical limit on this, any more and they will begin to cause permanent damage to their soul. There have been reports of overeager mages losing themselves in a matter of hours. Out of Character - you are trusted to moderate yourself in this matter. 

● Most mages that depend on personal magick use a Dream Keeper


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